This website is a sandbox for my projects, focusing on new technologies involving .NET, Azure, and development best practices.

Guitar Tab

I've been collecting guitar tab for my favorite bands since 1997. I've then edited, standardized and ranked the tabs as I play them. View Guitar Tab »

Steam Analytics

Tapping into my Steam Account via the Steam Web API. I'm trying to develop better insights and interesting views of achievements. View Steam Analytics »

World Cup Analysis

A collection of statistics from all World Cups... View World Cup Analysis »

Foo Fighters Gigography

This is a collection of Foo Fighter shows over the past 20 years. Much of this data was colloraborated together with, and is up to date until about 2016. View Foo Fighters Gigography »

iTunes Listening Analysis

I've been saving my iTunes library files for analysis since 2006. This project is a result of this work. View iTunes Listening Analysis »

Game Development

This is my attempt to create my own turn based strategy game with Unity3D... View Game Development »

My (Children's Lego) Collection

A learning experience to understand how to use advanced Azure architectures, with Lego, which is always fun. View Lego Collection »